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Are you a recent Electrical  engineer graduate or a seasoned professional preparing for FE Exam? Are you finding it difficult to study for the core Electrical  Engineering portions of the new Computer-based Testing specification? Are you looking for a structured and well planned learning resource? If you answered yes to any one of the questions above, then this course is for you!

FE Electrical 

Live Course

all you need in one Course

Course Fees

450 USD

This course is focused on Electrical    portions of the latest NCEES FE Computer-based Testing specification and it will allow you the flexibility to learn anytime, from anywhere, and at your own pace . The theoretical explanations, example solutions and online exams  will streamline your efforts towards this goal.

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Circuit Analysis

  • Communication Systems

  • Computer Systems

  • Controls

  • Digital Systems

  • Economics

  • Electrical Materials

  • Electromagnetic

  • Electronics

  • Mechanics of Materials

  • Engineering Science

  • Ethics

  • Linear Systems

  • Mathematics

  • Networks

  • Power

  • Probability

  • Signal Processing

  • Software

Course duration‎
+96 Hours
Practicing problems ‎
after each topic
Practicing problems ‎
‎for each topic
Calculator ‎Hacks 
A Passing Guarantee
‎Or You Can Repeat for Free
Explanation in Arabic
Live Lectures
on Scheduled Dates to Help
Keep You Engaged and ‎Focused
Test-Taking Strategies ‎
‎and Time Management Tips lessons.
Online Discussion Forum ‎
to Communicate with the Instructor
,Others in Your Class
Simulation Exams
Course Include 4 simulation Exams
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