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PE Transportation  Depth Course

all you need in one Course

  • An Intensive Program for Comprehensive Preparation for the PE transportaion Engineering Course

  • Guarantee of Passing

  • Unique and Highly Effective Approach Not Taught Anywhere Else!

  • Highly Experienced, Dynamic Instructors

  • All course materials are included in course fee.

  • Online Course Advantages:

Course Fees

700 USD

Our FE student get Special Discount 

Topics Covered in the Course 

  1. Traffic Engineering (Capacity Analysis and Transportation Planning)

  2. Horizontal Design

  3. Vertical Design

  4. Intersection Geometry

  5. Roadside and Cross-Section Design

  6. Signal Design

  7. Traffic Control Design

  8. Geotechnical and Pavement

  9. Drainage

  10. Alternatives Analysis

Course duration‎
2 Months  
Practicing problems ‎
after each topic
Explanation in Arabic
Calculator ‎Hacks 
 Passing Guarantee
‎Or You Can Repeat for Free
Test-Taking Strategies ‎
‎and Time Management Tips lessons.
Online Discussion Forum ‎
to Communicate with the Instructor
,Others in Your Class
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