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PE Civil Live Course

all you need in one Course

The PE Civil course consists of two sections:

Review Course: Theoretical concepts are explained to refresh and give students an understanding of important PE Civil Exam topics. Many example problems are worked out in class to reinforce these concepts. The focus of the GEC PE Civil review course is to review the important concepts needed for the exam and begin the development of the student’s problem-solving proficiency.

Problem Solving Workshops: The workshops supplement the review courses for the examination. Since the actual examination is focused on problem-solving, the PE Civil Exam course will provide intensive problem-solving practice to enable students to perform at their highest capabilities on the exam. 100% of classroom time is devoted to solving exam-like problems and strengthening the student’s proficiency within a timed environment, similar to that on exam day.

Course Fees

700 USD

Our FE student get Special Discount 

Topics Covered in the Course AM Part

  • Project Planning

  • Means and Methods

  • Soil Mechanics

  • Structural Mechanics

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology

  • Geometrics

  • Materials

  • Site Development

PM Part

GEC will provide PM books and Reference to you

Course duration‎
2 Months  
Practicing problems ‎
after each topic
Practicing problems ‎
‎for each topic
Calculator ‎Hacks 
A Passing Guarantee
‎Or You Can Repeat for Free
Explanation in Arabic
Live Lectures
on Scheduled Dates to Help
Keep You Engaged and ‎Focused
Test-Taking Strategies ‎
‎and Time Management Tips lessons.
Online Discussion Forum ‎
to Communicate with the Instructor
,Others in Your Class
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